5 Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

5 Benefits of Installing a Retaining Wall

5 Benefits of Installing a Retaining WallIf you have a sloped property, there's a good chance that it would greatly benefit from a retaining wall. By installing a retaining wall, you can prevent the earth from moving downhill as erosion occurs. These walls also present a wonderful opportunity for terraced gardens, which---because of the flat surface created by the retaining wall---will be readily accessible and easily tended. Here's a look at five reasons to install a retaining wall on your property.

Keep Soil in Place

The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to keep soil from sliding downhill. This is done by resisting gravity's force. By installing a retaining wall, you can help to prevent a landslide from occurring on your property.

Mitigate Runoff

Rainwater runoff can damage plants and carry pollutants into local waterways. It can also contribute to flooding. A professionally-built retaining wall will greatly help to reduce the flow of runoff.

Less Maintenance

Rainwater runoff can carry rocks and other debris through your property, which then has to be cleaned up. By reducing runoff, you can decrease your maintenance load.

Terrace Gardening

Your retaining wall can create flat surfaces that are great for gardening, especially if they are south-facing. The easy walking surface can make this space ideal for plants to be harvested, such as culinary herbs and cut flowers.

Aesthetic Appeal

Oftentimes, people assume that retaining walls are bland structures. However, there are numerous decorative options available and you'll be able to find the style and color that best fits your preferred aesthetic.

If you're considering installing a retaining wall, be sure to get in touch with a reputable professional. For retaining walls in Issaquah, Bothell, Kirkland, Renton, Kent, Maple Valley, and Bellevue, WA, the experts to contact are at Castle Walls LLC at (425) 228-1458. Feel free to give Castle Walls a call today to make a service request!

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